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Podcast: The Rise of Restaurant Tech

OCT 2021

In this episode, Brita Rosenheim, Partner, Culterra Capital talks with Michael "Schatzy" Schatzberg "The Restaurant Guy" and Jimmy Frischling "The Finance Guy" to explore the 2021 Restaurant Tech EcoSystem: Serving Up a Digital Lifeline and more.

Rosenheim got started with an interest in the food world and left banking, she went to Italy to get a Masters in food communications. She is an investor and advisor, sharing her excitement for the innovation in technology. Rosenheim talks about the Restaurant Tech EcoSystem map and how the selection is made for the map.

When Rosenheim was asked about the rise of technology in regards to new categories being added to the map, she says food safety and quality was given recognition, which had historically been part of operations. Rosenheim adds, most of the pandemic trends are more of the same, it’s not completely new innovation and the biggest shift is really adoption versus full on new technology.

Rosenheim addresses the ghost kitchen trend saying it is here to stay much like meal kits. “It’s a new concept and it is disrupting the way things are done, it’s shifting peoples minds about how operations can be managed,” adds Rosenheim. “It still needs to figure out the right business model and the right users.”

When asked about categories losing steam, Rosenheim says it’s not becoming less important but search and discovery, reservations, and event management has a little slice on the Restaurant Tech Wheel because there has been consolidation. She adds that five years ago those were the largest most of the efforts have turned to optimizing back of house.

To find out what category Rosenheim thinks will be the shrinking next and her thoughts on robotics, tune in to this episode of Hospitality Hangout. Click here for more recovery and relief information for restaurant, hospitality and food service operators.


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