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2021 Global Action Summit

Dec 2021

The 2021 Global Action Summit is the world’s premier leadership event advancing solutions for food, health, and prosperity. The virtual 2021 event provides change makers with a synthesis of major findings and lessons learned over the past two years and adds a pivot to action with a new solutions-oriented agenda to launch in 2022.

The 2021 Food Program presents five pillars to guide policies, investments, and business strategies in a reimagined food system that protects the planet and attains the SDG2 goal of no hunger.

Food Systems Reimagined: Trusted Food Panel

  • Lee Addams, Partner, Strategy, EY-Parthenon

  • Natia Mgeladze, Global Lead, Food Safety Advisory, International Finance Corporation, World Bank

  • Jon Copestake, Senior Analyst, Global Consumer, EY

  • Seana Day, Partner, Culterra Capital


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