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USFRA: Transformative Investment in Climate-Smart Agriculture

FEB 2021

Unlocking the potential of our soils to help the U.S. achieve a net-zero economy

This report examines how innovations in finance and technology can be applied to overcome barriers to adoption of climate-smart agriculture practices to fulfill the mitigation, reduction, and investment potential of the U.S. agriculture sector at scale.

Against a backdrop of $30B in 2020 AgTech/Food Tech investing, this was a really interesting deep dive to work on with U.S. Farmers & Ranchers in Action, The Mixing Bowl and Croatan Institute.

We looked at over 150 companies and technologies that informed our perspectives on the landscape, capabilities, gaps, and opportunities to improve MRV (Measurement, Reporting and Verification) as well as data integration needed to support the proliferation of new marketplaces that aim to monetize soil health for producers.


Seana Day is a Partner at Culterra Capital and a Venture Partner at Better Food Ventures, with 20 years of finance, M&A and technology experience. Seana lives in Turlock, the heart of California’s Ag land.


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