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World Agritech Innovation Summit: The Next Frontier in Making Ag Smarter

MAR 2021

The 2021 World Agri-Tech Innovation Summit is going virtual! Join us live online on March 9-10 for 1-1 meetings, interactive group discussions and critical intelligence on the future of the agri-food system.

Seana Day, a Partner at Culterra Capital and Venture Partner at Better Food Ventures, will discuss "The Next Frontier in Making Ag Smarter".

Over the past 10 years precision agriculture technology has become exponentially more powerful and cost effective. From sensors, AI tools and computational advances, how will these play a central role in the ongoing automation of agricultural processes?

What pioneering work is being done and what obstacles are still to be overcome? What new platform architecture will enable greater data integration across the whole production system to bring more pieces of the puzzle together?


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