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FARM FOUNDATION: Investing in Agriculture – What Does the Future Hold?

SEPT 2020

The Farm Foundation Forum took place on September 8, 2020. Speakers discussed the future of agricultural investments in several key areas, including new technology, land, commodity, and processing investments.

In each area, experts addressed what they saw as new market opportunities as well as sectors that are slowing down, especially in light of market changes as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Looking through the lens of the pandemic, speakers addressed the near-term opportunities for agricultural investment as the pandemic runs its course, as well as opportunities that may emerge in the post-pandemic era.

Speakers include:

Kiersten Stead, Managing Partner, DCVC

Cristina Rohr, Principal of Investments, S2G Ventures

Joelle Faulkner, Founder and CEO, Area One Farms

Seana Day, Partner, Better Food Ventures

Recording is available here.

Slide deck is available here.


Seana Day is a Partner at Culterra Capital and a Venture Partner at Better Food Ventures, with 20 years of finance, M&A and technology experience. Seana lives in Turlock, the heart of California’s Ag land.


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